Wednesday, 3 June 2009

it's summertime!!!

Hey hey hey!!!

What a nice day today! The sun is shining and everybody is convinced that a weather like this hasn't hit Ireland in ages for such a long time (already one week - ohooo)! =) =) =)
But it's great because it's the time for going to the beach, for making barbecues (we had even two on the long weekend) and going swimming in the river. And not to forget: water fights! Yesterday I had one with Emer and, well, I definetely had to change afterwards :D
Unfortunately the heat can also be difficult especially during the wotkshops. Working in the garden in the full sun or baking in the kitchen that is already very warm can be quite hard. But everybody tries to give his best I think ;)
Actually I also have some more good news! 5 people from our community will go on their summer holidays this Friday. It also includes me that's why it's even better ^^ I just hope the weather will stay to be as great as the last few days because I want to make a big cycling tour to the westcoast and from there I will see how far I get. So actually it could be a little bit cooler ;)

But it's still two days to go and time for the community meeting. We want to talk about what to do Friday evening. It's things like going to the pub, going out for a meal or doing some crafts.

Have a nice day and by the way: if you have time we always like to see guests enjoying their time in our garden, and why not after having had a little something in our coffeeshop ;)

best wishes

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