Monday, 29 February 2016

Kilcullen Nature Trail calls for donations to help repair flood damage

The Bridge Camphill Community is asking for donations to help repair the Kilcullen Farm & Nature Trail, a section of which was severely damaged by flooding at the end of the year. Anyone who’s tried to walk the Nature Trail in the past two months has noticed a portion by the old weir blocked off, and due to the significant cost of repairs, this may remain so until funds can be raised. This section is probably the most attractive part of the walk and was previously damaged 2 years ago and repaired at the time, however this years flooding has again damaged the same section and plans are now in place to rebuild the section of the Nature Trail by the former location of the old weir in a matter that is able to withstand future flooding without being eroded.

Not only is the Nature Trail used by the residents of Camphill, it’s also extremely popular with the broader community. Families with buggies, pensioners, and everyone in-between can be spotted enjoying the river walk, garden, farm animals - all free and accessible in the center of town. It was built a few years ago as part of a Difference Day with the help of 250 volunteers. The Kilcullen Nature Trail is an invaluable asset to the Kilcullen; it builds community, promotes the outdoors and wellness, and draws people into town to shop on the Main Street. We look forward to the town coming together to bring this crucial asset back to Kilcullen; please consider donating if you're able.

To make a donation, please drop your donation in an envelope to the staff An Tearmann. Any amounts small or large are appreciated and any surplus will be used exclusively for enhancing this local amenity.