Monday, 20 July 2009

Progress at our community room

The walls are slowly but surely going up and gradually one can see what will be a great and much needed building.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Julie at our shop outing

Here is a picture of julie at our recent shop outing to Johnny Fox's
in the Dublin mountains. a moment of rest after a great meal

Friday, 26 June 2009

it's party time!!!

Hello everybody,

it's me again! 2 weeks ago I was on holidays but now the day-to-day life is back and with it all its work and duties but also its pleasures ;) Especially because we had a lot of parties last week.
Ann Meehan's birthday had to be properly celebrated just as well as Minna and Kalles Farewell. That's actually not nice at all: they are going back to Finland after staying in the community for one and a half years. They were great houseparents for Brigheen and everybody misses Kalle and Arni already now, Minna and Helmi will leave for good next Wednesday :(
This time I've got some pictures here:

Then we continued with the St. John's celebration. Each it's a great fire and we included a barbecue. It happened on our field where we collected all sorts of old wood and branches and it was an immense pile. First I had some concerns that it wouldn't burn properly but soon they dissolved into smoke just like the timber. I personally enjoyed it very much - later on Mischa called me a "Pyromaniac" ^^
I even took a video although it seemed much more impressive in reality...

And the day after we finished with Brendan's 56th birthday. It was rather relaxed with a few drinks and stuff. Amongst others Julie looked after everybody's entertainment with amazing dancing performances. So also Julia, our new co-worker got a pretty good impression of the liveliness of our community ;)
But now I'm personally quite happy to just have a few normal working days...sometimes work can be relaxing too! :D

However... that's all from me for today.

Best wishes

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

it's summertime!!!

Hey hey hey!!!

What a nice day today! The sun is shining and everybody is convinced that a weather like this hasn't hit Ireland in ages for such a long time (already one week - ohooo)! =) =) =)
But it's great because it's the time for going to the beach, for making barbecues (we had even two on the long weekend) and going swimming in the river. And not to forget: water fights! Yesterday I had one with Emer and, well, I definetely had to change afterwards :D
Unfortunately the heat can also be difficult especially during the wotkshops. Working in the garden in the full sun or baking in the kitchen that is already very warm can be quite hard. But everybody tries to give his best I think ;)
Actually I also have some more good news! 5 people from our community will go on their summer holidays this Friday. It also includes me that's why it's even better ^^ I just hope the weather will stay to be as great as the last few days because I want to make a big cycling tour to the westcoast and from there I will see how far I get. So actually it could be a little bit cooler ;)

But it's still two days to go and time for the community meeting. We want to talk about what to do Friday evening. It's things like going to the pub, going out for a meal or doing some crafts.

Have a nice day and by the way: if you have time we always like to see guests enjoying their time in our garden, and why not after having had a little something in our coffeeshop ;)

best wishes

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

news about the community

Hi there!

greetings to everybody from the always sunny Kilcullen ;)
(at least it was sunny for the last three days)

It's nearly June slowly everybody's getting excited about the changes that will happen soon. Most of the short-term co-workers will leave in the next 2 or 3 months and lots of new people are to come. And of course it's like always: pretty, ugly, nice or lazy - everything is good to talk about :D
But fortunately everything's still a little bit away although we already had to say good bye to Tine. Good luck to her back in Germany with her studies especially because she wants to become a teacher for children with special needs.
But enough words for the faded ones, let's talk about our latest rookie. It's Inger and she comes from the USA. She has the pleasure to share a portacabin with Christine and, well, I hope for Inger that she gets along with her ;)
By the way, today is a special day because.....

it's Anthonys birthday!!!!

so happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,.... =)

This should be most of it for now, the garden is calling me. Actually the garden and all the buildings are doing very well these days. With the great help of Sean, Michael, Mike and Kirron a lot of structural things are improving that really needed doing for a while. It looks so good, if you enter the community, you see benches and flowers and then you can go through one of the arches into the garden and enjoy the company of our ghoats who finally seem to be very well.

Best wishes and have a lovely day!


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

some pictures

Hello hello!

The best wishes to everybody who reads our blog on such a nice day like that. The last few days were really a bit depressing, always cloudy and rain every 10 min but today the summer seems to be back!
I took some photos of our garden that will soon look like a little zoo. =)

Thats us, the garden team, working on the beds to get compost in. Everybody tries to do his best... ;)

That's the chicken house. RIght now there are only two chickens because the majority is still too small to be outside. I didn't even see them yet, Arthur watches them as if they were his own children...
These are our two cute little goats! Here they are still very new and they seem to be a little bit scared but the picture is already a bit out of date. Today they were brought outside and share their home with the chickens. That's because the space we fenced of for them is now occupied by 4 more pigs we got on the weekend and they don't get on well with the old ones...

Finally that's our tractor (with Anthony posing in front ^^). We don't have it that it long and it's really not big but I think for our purposes it's just right. In the back you can see a part of the barn.

Yeah.... that's all from me for today... Have a nice afternoon everybody! =)


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

news about the community

Hello again!

It's been a while since the last blog entry so loads of different things happened.
The most obvious changes you can definetely see on the farm land. The whole area around the barn changed, everything is getting tidu and inviting there. We also have three pigs that are on the big field next to Brigheen. We got them in February and since then they grew like mad. Not long and we can enjoy ham, sausages,.... all kind of nice stuff! ;)
But that's not all. Yesterday Kalle drove together with Colm and Arthur down to Clare to pick up our 2 little goats. They are only 6 weeks old and still a bit skinny, but soon we will have our own goatsmilk (I'm very curious who is supposed to drink that O:-) )
We got a new beautiful chicken house on the oppsite side of the polytunnels. It's maybe best to describe by quoting Mischa: "It puts a smile on people's face." And that's really true! It's made in some kind of a Norwegian style - Sean, Michael and Kiron did a very good job - and everybody needs to comment it in some way. The apple orchard is surrounded by a fence as well to make home for a few geese. Let's see how many we will have in the end, they are still in our incubation room. At least they got a very caring mum with Arthur.
Last but not least the coffeeshop got a brandnew kitchen, the health inspector won't be able to find the smallest dirty spot. I personally must say it's brilliant. It's the first time I can actually do the dishes there without ruining my back ;)
By the way I'm Martin, a co-worker from Germany who arrived last July. Now I need to hurry to our weekly community meeting but for the next entry I might have some nice pictures to show you.

Best wishes

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The latest...!

Hi all,

Welcome Christine, a new co-worker to Isserin house. I hope you enjoy your time here!

Happy Birthday to Colm and Leonard who had their birthdays recently. Leonard held a party and we all had great fun dancing and playing games!

Adult Education has been a great success before Christmas and we have continued with the different groups!

Some People are starting some set dancing for one evening a week, I hope its fun!