Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Kilcullen Diary: An update on the Bridge Community Reunion

A Kilcullen Diary: An update on the Bridge Community Reunion: Planning time getting shorter The work on the 21st birthday reunion of The Bridge Community is proceeding apace, and there has been a very g...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Update on the 21st Birthday Reunion of "The Bridge Community"

Update on the 21st Birthday Reunion of "The Bridge Community" 

Dear Friends

We are all really looking forward in the Bridge to our reunion week in August. It promises to be an exiting time and there are many people that we have not seen in a long time and many of the villagers are really looking forward to meeting old friends. 

The week is getting closer and we have three months left to plan. Many of you have responded and announced your visit. This is much appreciated. Some of you have not yet filled out the reply form. 

We are now trying to coordinate all the accommodation and we have had many local friends who offered a bed /couch or spare bedroom for people attending our reunions week. This would make the cost substantially more affordable for all of you and hopefully mean that there wont have to be too much camping needed. 

We are hoping to have a difference day type week with several different work projects and one of the ideas was to redo the sun mosaic by the Bridge and another to finish off the tattoo mosaic on the end of the hall building so we need some of you arty people to make this happen, there will also be other projects on the land and the farm and nature trail so plenty of different things to be involved in.
The artistic activities in the morning will hopefully prepare something for the Friday evening celebration. so that our bell ringers and lyre players could play some music. any of you that play an instrument please bring it along!!!
some of you may live more locally and still wish to join please let us know so that we can plan the activities

We would ask all of you, whether you are able to come or not, to send us photos from your time in the Bridge Community by email,so that we can on Thursday night share those with everyone. We will also put those pictures up on an on-line photo store that will be shared over our blog at I know that that is a bit of work and some of you will have to scan older photos but we would really appreciate the effort even if you are not coming.

I know that some of you wont be able to come and we understand that not everyone may have the financial resources or time to join us, but if you would like to write a message for those that can make it, we will read those messages out for the actual birthday celebration on Friday night,  so that you can be with us in spirit

Last chance to let us know if you are coming
This is also the last opportunity for those of you that have not yet responded to let us know if you intend to come and we would really hope that you can let us know by the 1st of June. 
Its not too late yet......

with warm greetings from Ireland 

from all of us
at The Bridge Community