Monday, 8 October 2007

Siodhna's First Blog

Today our new time tables were put into place.
Now, my Monday afternoons are to be spent writing this blog and getting my hands dirty in the bakery with Brida. I know what everybody is thinking, "So, what about Manna?" Don't worry. Pauline hasn't disowned me. I still work there in the mornings and one or two afternoons each week.

I still get regular visits from Kevin and letters from Sara Lee.

Last week, Noga and Michelle moved into Brigheen with Brida, Jung Soo, Sirrka, and Colm. Everybody seems to get along well!

In Isserin , we painted the kitchen this past weekend.

Also, we await the arrival of Sara Rose, Toby and their little baby Finn, next Tuesday.

Further, Congratulations to Micha, who is now able to drive the villagers!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Two new Familys Join our Community!

We would like to welcome our two new familys .....Rita and Fergus with their two sons Conor and Mourice and the other family Cliona and Mark with their two daughters Siomha and Iseult.
Rita and Fergus are in Ard Glas in Grangebeg and Mark and Cliona are in Anamaes in Kilcullen.
We hope they have an exiting experience here in The Bridge Community!!!
Tara :)(:

Michaelmas Celebration

The community has recently had a Michaelmas celebration in Grangebeg, on Friday we did different workshops, such as two baking workshops, one making the harvest table and another harvesting fruit and vegetables!! On the Saturday we had discussion groups talking about the future of the community in the afternoon and in the evening we had a large bible evening with the whole community and there we also an opportunity for everyone to say something about the future of the community!!
Tara :)(: