Monday, 4 June 2007

Justine finishes her Life Book

Wednesday last week was a special day. Justine and Noga gave a presentation to the community about a project that nearly took 6 months from the first idea to the finished product.
We often think about our life in terms of memories and it is those that form us and are precious to us.
Well Noga and Justine made the attempt to collect all of these memories, the special moments, the people and faces that have been part of Justine's life and also the events in the Bridge Community that Justine has been a part of over so many years and to capture them in a unique life book that includes pictures and photographs.
They started on this journey through time by writing letters to all the past co-workers that have been important to Justine over the years asking for memories and photos that they might be able to share. It took a while to unscramble Justine's old and much loved tattered address books and gather all the important addresses.And then they interviewed many people who are still around as well as Justine's parents. Old childhood photographs were unearthed and special moments relived. The biography of the Bridge Community became visible as a parallel timeline that has a close connection to Justine's own life.They gathered nearly 300 photographs and together wrote nearly 25 pages of small print text.
In the end all these photographs and memories were compiled into a giant lifebook, which we all saw on Wednesday.I can't help feeling that Justine's life has truly been a special life, lived to the full with all the good and not so good moments and that it is well worth celebrating this achievement.