Monday, 17 November 2008

More news and gossip


Last week we got a new co-worker. His name is Arel and he is from Israel. He is living in Isserin. He is very nice and he likes to cook nice things for us all!!
This week for Adult Education, the Art group went to a Sensory Garden in Carlow. They had a geart day out and really enjoyed the experience!
Last week in Annamaes there was a house warming party for the new house parents Barbra and Ingo. There was lots of singing and dancing and everyone had a great night and hopefully there will be another part soon.
This afternoon, instead of going to the bakery I helped Laura (who is here on work placement from college) with her college portfolio. I was answering questions about Camphill. But next week we will be back in the Bakery making a mess!!

This Thursday will start a long weekend for the villagers here. Most people go home to their families on Thursday and return Sunday evening.

Until next time....


Monday, 20 October 2008

Adult Education

Today we started our Adult Education classes. There are many different groups from Dance, Drama, Discussion Group, Womens and Mens Group, Reading and Writing, Art and Computers. It was alot of fun today as people from the Dunshane and Grangbeg Community and we all joined our groups. Aside from all the confusion it went well and everyone enjoyed themselves!
Siodhna is not partaking in the drama but she will be witing a short piece for the play. She is very excited!!

Until next time!!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Villager Holidays

For our Community holidays one group went on a trip to Vienna in Austria and the other group went to Spain and the Grangebeg group are currently on their holidays in Tunisia. On our holiday to Vienna we went to the wedding of a form co-worker that worked in Kilcullen. It was a great day and we sang and danced all night! We also went a big fun fair that was on in the local town. We went on the rollercoaster, the bumpers and the go-karts. Every evening we went out for dinner to sample all the nice food, my favourite part was the ice-cream! The weather in Austria was very cold and nobody was prepared for it so we all had to buy jumpers. But it was a brilliant holiday and I can't wait till next years' one!!

We now have new co-workers in Kilcullen, and we have two new house parents in Annamays. It is a big change for us getting used to all the new co-workers but everyone is very friendly and we are all getting on well.

More next week!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Hello, Goodbye

We have had to say so many hellos and goodbyes in the past few weeks. Two weeks ago today, Noga left. That same week, the new family from Finland arrived. Lastly, Rune returned to Denmark this morning.

Rune and Noga, we miss you both very much!

Welcome, Minna, Kalle, Helmi and Aarni!

(Tara and Helmi)

(Colm, Sirrka, Mischa, Aarnie, and Minna)