Monday, 29 September 2008

Villager Holidays

For our Community holidays one group went on a trip to Vienna in Austria and the other group went to Spain and the Grangebeg group are currently on their holidays in Tunisia. On our holiday to Vienna we went to the wedding of a form co-worker that worked in Kilcullen. It was a great day and we sang and danced all night! We also went a big fun fair that was on in the local town. We went on the rollercoaster, the bumpers and the go-karts. Every evening we went out for dinner to sample all the nice food, my favourite part was the ice-cream! The weather in Austria was very cold and nobody was prepared for it so we all had to buy jumpers. But it was a brilliant holiday and I can't wait till next years' one!!

We now have new co-workers in Kilcullen, and we have two new house parents in Annamays. It is a big change for us getting used to all the new co-workers but everyone is very friendly and we are all getting on well.

More next week!

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