Tuesday, 29 May 2007

An inside look at Grangebeg

Here it is:
Grangebeg. As you can see when the rain stops we are actually able to do some landscaping.

This a shot of the half finished barn across one of the fields.

A few of our cows enjoying the nice day. Ard Keen house and our view in the background.

A shot of the garden in the sun, getting a little a weeding done.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Although now nearly two months ago I just could not resist from posting these pictures from our cast of the "Good Friday Play ".
they were taken before the performance, as we did not allow any picture throughout the performance.


In what was a very special event (no photos were taken) the whole community gathered in our new hall to celebrate whitsun.
Everybody received a bell and we explored the universal language of music together and practised listening to each other. And then we passed a bowl of grapes around the circle and whoever had the bowl shared (if they wished) with the rest of the group how their last year has been how they are and what was special, after which they passed the bowl to their neighbour, having of course taken a few grapes for nourishment beforehand. it was wonderfull to hear most people express themselves (even some who rarely do) and to see that we were able to listen and to create a space where that was possible.
Thank you all


Friday, 25 May 2007

Grangebeg takes to the water

What has now become a regular weekly outing at Grangebeg the Ard Keen household has decided to flee the muck and go canoeing. We head to Avon Ri adventure center on Blessington Lake for a couple of hours of great fun. After the hard work of putting on the wetsuits some of us get into single kayaks and others use the Canadian canoes and paddle down the lake. Come and join us!

Annie, Ross, Emily

Monday, 21 May 2007

Ascension Outing To Powerscourt

The Bridge Community went to Powerscourt Waterfall for this year's Ascensionday outing.
As planned we met up with Greenacres and Duffcarrig Camphill Communities and had a great barbque. It was a wonderful sunny day and everything just fell place for this great outing in this beautiful location. All 130 people were well fed (sausages and burgers were plentiful) and had fun being with each other playing games and exploring this beautiful place through walks.

It also happened to be Sirrka's birthday and Sirrka together with groupies Siobhan Maria and Ayelen sang her whole repertoire of songs containing all time favourites like "Swing low sweet chariot" or "When the saints go marchin' in" and many others to a highly entertained audience


Saturday, 19 May 2007

The early days of the Bridge Community

This photograph was taken before the coffeshop was renovated in 1991.

The building was a simple two up two down house at the time with a very narrow staircase and a spookycellar that had a door to the rear.
In the picture you see Diane Glynis and Anne who at the time had set up a tempory kitchen upstairs and were training to make scones and provide a lunch for the lads who were out the back chopping firewood and clearing the rubbish and debri that was at the back of the building.
Anne at the time had never before gone up or down a staircase and was kind of scared at the time, but managed remarkably well.

Well life was simpler then... but I wont go on about that


Thursday, 10 May 2007

Leonard becomes uncle

Back in march Leonard became uncle for the first time.
This picture shows him holding his niece Anu for the first time.
Congratulations also to Leonard's sister Louise
and her partner Anthony.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A Picture from the Past

I just came across this picture from the early days of our community in 1991. At the time all of us in the pioneering group were still living in Dunshane and commuting from there to this interesting new and unchartered territory.
We had just bought the land and the shop on the main street and temporarily opened a shop over christmas before the big renovations started in 1992.
It was only then that the building and shop became known as "An Tearmann" which was a name that was recommended by the then parish priest father Supple meaning safe place sanctuary or place of piece.
I will try to see whether I can post some other pictures from the past over the next weeks.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Isserin House Visited The Altamont Gardens

Today (May 7th) Isserin House went to the Altamont Gardens for a Picnic together with Chris` parents who came to visit him. (On Saturday was Chris` birthday.)

In the Altmont Garden we watched the plants and the animals. There were ducks and a lot of different birds. We had chicken and sandwiches for lunch, und fruit salad for dessert.

It was a nice day and all of us are happy.

Heinz, Tara and Shiodhna...

Saturday, 5 May 2007

A Warm Welcome To Our Two New Co-workers

We would like to welcome Heinz to our Community.

He is originaly from Germany, worked as a librarian, and has worked with people with special needs before. Heinz came to Ireland because he wanted to learn better English (although his English is pretty good) as well as experiencing life in a Camphill Community!

Hye Soo Chang is from South Korea. Soo wanted to have an experience before she started working and she found Camphill on the internet having heard about it already before.

Heinz and Hye Soo are both living in Isserin house. They are both fitting in very well and both are very good at English!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Going Away Party or Cyrill and Julia

Having a great disco, dance competitions and a little fun a as we have a great party in Isserin to say goodbye to a couple of great co-workers.

Cyril and Julia who were both coworkers in the Bridge Community for longer than a year.

They both move on to bigger and better(?) things.

We'll miss you.