Thursday, 23 June 2011

Farm & Nature Trail Initiative Receives Boost From Kilcullen Lion's Club

Our community is working on a project to create a Farm & Nature Trail through our garden, farm and the natural wildlife along the riverside boundary to our land. The Project is still in its early stages of planning. We would like to make this accessible and safe for both the people in our community and the local people in the town. This would be a great asset to the local community. We would hope to make this trail an educational experience where people can learn more about nature, animals and wildlife.
We are extremely fortunate to have the support of the local community. Kilcullen Lion's Club has decided to support our project through fund-raising. A concert with " The Moon & Sixpence" in the local Town Hall and a Coffee Morning in Angela Murray-Headon's house was held recently which has raised awareness and funds. The Lion's Club aims to support this project in the future, both financially and humanly.
Last night the Lion's Club Presented a cheque of 1000 Euro towards the project. We had coffee and biscuits in our community hall and walked around the proposed trail. It was an event that highlighted the warmth and support from the local community.

Siodhna receiving a cheque from the Kilcullen Lion's Club for € 1000. - towards our Kilcullen Farm & Nature Trail. Also in the picture Annette Mc Carthy from the Kilcullen Lion's Club  and Gese Muecke from the Bridge Community