Friday, 19 December 2014

Bike Workshop goes from strength to strength

It's been an exciting time in the bike workshop since we began in January. We have managed to overhaul and sell on a number of bicycles and have purchased several new bikes for use in the community including a tandem and addition tricycle which is great for the residents here who do not feel very confident on a normal two wheeler. 

James and Kevin the regular mechanics have been improving their skills in mechanical work and can identify correct tools as well as complete simple jobs with some assistance. Mark, one of the day attendees, is also enjoying stripping bikes for spare parts.

The community enthusiasm can be seen with the daily use of tricycles by Justine and Kevin. This has also led to Kevin and the Livesey family taking a cycling holiday along the Westport Greenway for a few days using the new tricycle kindly purchased by donations from An Tearmann.

We also have a contractual agreement with Silliot Hill Recycling Centre to receive unwanted bicycles to use for spare parts or renovate.

In the new year we will be starting to involve local volunteers in repairing and building bikes and hopefully start weekly cycling activities for residents.