Tuesday, 26 May 2009

news about the community

Hi there!

greetings to everybody from the always sunny Kilcullen ;)
(at least it was sunny for the last three days)

It's nearly June slowly everybody's getting excited about the changes that will happen soon. Most of the short-term co-workers will leave in the next 2 or 3 months and lots of new people are to come. And of course it's like always: pretty, ugly, nice or lazy - everything is good to talk about :D
But fortunately everything's still a little bit away although we already had to say good bye to Tine. Good luck to her back in Germany with her studies especially because she wants to become a teacher for children with special needs.
But enough words for the faded ones, let's talk about our latest rookie. It's Inger and she comes from the USA. She has the pleasure to share a portacabin with Christine and, well, I hope for Inger that she gets along with her ;)
By the way, today is a special day because.....

it's Anthonys birthday!!!!

so happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,.... =)

This should be most of it for now, the garden is calling me. Actually the garden and all the buildings are doing very well these days. With the great help of Sean, Michael, Mike and Kirron a lot of structural things are improving that really needed doing for a while. It looks so good, if you enter the community, you see benches and flowers and then you can go through one of the arches into the garden and enjoy the company of our ghoats who finally seem to be very well.

Best wishes and have a lovely day!


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Anonymous said...

oh it sounds wonderful. I am longing to kilcullen..
//anna annamaes, sweden