Saturday, 7 November 2015

Congratulations to Mischa

Congratulations to Mischa on receiving a Kilcullen Community Award last night. 

As was reported in the Kilcullen Blog, the nomination was in recognition of someone who has made 'a huge contribution' to Kilcullen over the last two decades and more. Apart from his work with the Camphill Community, which has helped break down barriers between those with special needs and the other residents of Kilcullen, Mischa has been involved with many other aspects of the town, especially in the areas of music and drama, 'a man of many talents and always willing to share those talents'.

For his own part, Mischa thanked the community of Kilcullen for making him and his friends in the Camphill project so welcome. "I think the town very willingly reached out to encompass all of us, and naturally included people, and this wouldn’t have happened in every town. It was something magical." He accepted the Award, he said, on behalf of all those in Bridge Camphill.

We are justly proud of this achievement in The Bridge.

For a full report of the night, please go to:

Photo and report credit to Brian Byrne of the Kilcullen Blog

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