Monday, 23 February 2015

Long term voluntary life-sharers needed

We are looking for long term voluntary life-sharers
Are you looking for a life change? Do you feel energised by supporting others? Are you looking for an authentic lifestyle where people can live and grow together?
We are currently seeking couples or families or individuals who would like to join our community as long term life-sharers. Maybe you know someone else who might be interested?
Working and living at the Bridge Camphill Community alongside people with special needs is a uniquely rewarding and challenging role. In the heart of picturesque Ireland we are an inclusive community that aims to work and live alongside one another to support each other in living purposeful and meaningful lives.
We are about 40 people living together of whom half have learning difficulties situated in the centre of the small town of Kilcullen, 30 miles from Dublin. We live in 5 houses on a 9 acre farm site which includes a popular local nature trail. We also run a coffee shop, weavery workshop and organic grocers. We grow a range of fruit and vegetables using organic principles and rear livestock and poultry.We are looking for a couple or family or individuals who would like to live with us. They may have a special interest, or would like to experience a simpler yet richer way of life, working with and for people with learning difficulties.
Responsibilities will include:
# Developing a family home and community environment that is inclusive, well run, safe, welcoming and enables all individuals to feel at home and have a voice in decision making.
# Working alongside people with special needs in the workshops such as gardening, cooking, coffee shop, house-keeping, weaving, bread-making, animal husbandry.
# Working with people with special needs and their families to identify and develop areas of interests, aims and goals.
# Supporting other volunteers in developing best practice in the work and life of the community. This may be in the areas such as inclusion, communication, training, financial management and health and well-being.
# Contributing to the cultural life of the community, organising events, workshops, outings and festivals.
Ideally applicants may have had experience working or living with vulnerable people and show flexibility, patience and empathy as well as a willingness to learn.
For more details about The Bridge Community and the voluntary opportunities here please visit our website:
or phone Ben Gamble on 00353 45481597 for an informal discussion

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