Sunday, 1 July 2007

New additions to Grangebeg

The farm is starting to grow bigger. We have acquired four pigs recently that add to the atmosphere of the farm. Four all pink pigs two males and two females all of the Land Race variety. They are helpful additions for they will eat a large part of your kitchen waste, being fed twice a day by Dan Hughes and Ross Townsend.

In addition to the pigs we also have twenty new chickens, Around the age of five to ten weeks old, still quite small but we can expect eggs in a few more months. Coming from a small organic free-range farm just outside of Dunlavin we acquired a few white sussex hens and a few Rhode Island Reds. An old caravan which was used to go on holiday has been turned into a very handy chicken house by the farm team here. Annie Shiffer does a great job looking after the chickens.

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